Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wanna be like a Ghost rider, have these Fire and Flame tattoos on your body. Fire and flame tattoos are famous for their extraordinary appearance which pulls the sight of the teenagers. Red flamed, Skull flamed, Cross flamed tattoos with fire are nice layouts on the bodies of men. Here we have Flame tattoos on and for Biceps, arm, leg, back, skull tattoos with flame
Stitches and Flame tattoo

Fire tattoo on Arm

fire and eagle on Biceps

Fire pumping Heart tattoo

Pink and Red combo

 Skully flame

Black and blue flame tattoo

Designed flame tattoo

Chinese flamed one

Flaming Dragon tattoo

Mad flame skull tattoo

Cross en-lighted by Fire

Threatening Skull in fire

Go Green flame tattoo

Star and flame tattoo on Leg

Simple and Sexy

New on Old FLAME tattoo

Leo pictured flame tattoo

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