Saturday, December 27, 2014

New work on my friend
 Doug's full right arm sleeve tattoo.
Depicting from the wrist going up, 
Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, 
Moon, and Infinity.

First line work on the moon.
Well into shading the moon, first pass.

After about 4 hours, my first 
pass at the moon. 

First line work on the branches wrapping around the 
moon, swooping downward with the wind billowing.

Line work partially shaded 
First shading pass on the tree
Wind, Fire and Water, wrapping around Doug's arm,
closely following his musculature and skin grain.

Deeper shading passes starting.
It is a very high contrast design, 
the dark areas will be quite black,
the light areas very bright and vibrant.
Below I have created colour 'mock-ups',
in Photoshop I've added colour to
photos of Doug's tat,
to see how it will look.
The aquamarine blue contrasts wonderfully
with the blazing orange and yellow fire

I'm excited and can't wait to add colour
to Dougie's masterpiece~!

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