Saturday, December 27, 2014

So I started messing around with this idea....

And as I cleaned it up Jeremie said he really liked it.

So I reworked it and made the sound wave look 
more like the actual thing, whereas in the first one I had 
stylized it quite a bit. Then I traced it onto a stencil...

And put it on Jer's back..

Soon the black ink lines were going in sweetly...

After day one, and about 5 hours, we had all the black and grey
line and shading work done...

And by the end of day two and another 6 hours, we had the finished product

After the whole process was said and done
it looked pretty close to the original! 

Here is the comparison between the photoshopped version I initially
put together to show what Jeremie what it would look like.

I made some conscious decisions to change/add certain things
her and there, but I am happy with how much it got to the look 
of the original drawing...

Jeremie's new backpiece goes very well colour-wise 
and stylistically with both of his shoulder tattoos.
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